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Mohsin Naveed Ranjha


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Unstitched Fabric - Items Included:

Embellished front, back body (Raw Silk) 0.66 Meter
Embellished Sleeves (Raw Silk) 2 PCS/1.62 Meter
Embellished Panels (Raw Silk) 16 PCS
Embellished panel border patch (Raw Silk) 16 PCS
Embellished Mirror Hem Border (Raw Silk) 5.40 Meter
Embellished Hem Border (Raw Silk) 5.40 Meter
Embellished Belt (Raw Silk) 1 Meter
Embellished Panel Border (Raw Silk) 5.40 Meter
Embroidered Dupatta (Organza) 2.5 Meter
Dyed Trouser (Cotton Silk ) 2.75 Meter