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Mohsin Naveed Ranjha


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Unstitched Fabric - Items Included:

Embellished front centre panel (Zari Tissue) 1 PC/0.33 Meter
Embroidered back centre panel (Zari Tissue) 1 PC/0.33 Meter
Embellished side panel front (Zari Tissue) 0.66 Meter
Embellished side panel back (Zari Tissue) 0.66 Meter
Embellished sleeves (Zari Tissue) 2 PCS/1.32 Meter
Embellished front hem border (Zari Tissue) 1 Meter
Embellished Back Border (Zari Tissue) 1 Meter
Embroidered Dupatta (Net) 2.5 Meter
Embroidered Trouser Border (Zari Tissue) 3 Meter
Trouser (Zari Tissue) 3 Meter
Dyed Shirt Lining (Cotton Silk) 2.75 Meter
Dyed Trouser Lining (Cotton Silk ) 2.25 Meter